What is search engine optimization? Its purpose and requirements


I have a lot of new tuners calling to ask about search engine optimization. I have this tune for them. In this tune, you can see what search engine optimization is, what it needs or what it is intended for. So I’m starting today’s SEO tune without talking.

What is search engine optimization?
Search engine optimization is called SEO in English. The full meaning of this is Search Engine Optimization. Search Engine Optimization is a tool that allows you to access your site for free using a search engine. Let’s make things clearer with the help of the ad.

All of us who use the Internet are familiar with a search engine. Google, yahoo, ask, etc. Google is a very popular search engine. We search for something when we want to know about it. For example, if you want links to all the Bangladeshi newspaper websites, you might want to go to Google and write “Bangladesh newspaper links” in the search box. After that, you will see that after a while, you will see links to many websites.

Now I can think of how the links to the sites came here. Did Google select sites or have someone apply to submit to Google? The above two thoughts are correct. But first, the application is selected. And search engine optimization is the combination of the two. That is, all search engine optimizations are from site submission.

Google publishes a list of results in all sites that are submitted to the search engine. The main task of search engine optimization is to be on the first page of this list. And Google publishes this list considering all the quality, including the popularity, requirements, the importance of a site. And SEO’s job is to complete the quality for a site search engine.

Why this search engine is optimized.
Many of you might wonder why we should do this. The simple answer is to increase visitors or traffic to websites. The website has no value except a visitor. And the value of increasing visitors is the importance of search engine optimization. Search engine optimization is one of the main objectives

1. to make your site accessible to all
2. Increase your website popularity
3. Increase site visitors.
4. It serves as a platform for online income.
5. It serves as a strong way to exchange information and survive in competition.
The usefulness of Search Engine Optimization
SEO’s requirements or usefulness cannot be eliminated by talking. The combination of methods to increase traffic on your website is a fair one. Today’s era is the age of survival in the competition. No one has time to remember your site. They want to get the information they need very quickly. That’s why they use a search engine. And when you’re done with search engine optimization, you can make your site public.
Search engine optimization is a must to promote your site’s business. SEO has made it easy to do all the work, including online marketing, promoting new products, promoting new software.

So whatever online ad’s earnings or online marketing say, there is no speed without optimization. Like Google Adsense. SEO plays a huge role in success in Google Adsense. Getting more visitors, clicking, earning will be all possible through search engine optimization. So now you tell me there is no way to increase online revenue or visits without search engine optimization?

What it takes to learn search engine optimization
If you want to learn SEO, you must first have a clear idea of some basic stochastic. Below are the basics:

1. Ideas about web sites
2. Keyword Selection
3. Ideas about Back Links
4. Ideas about Page Renk
5. Submitting web sites
6. Good quality ideas about search engine
7. Know the use of meta tags.
8. Know about on-page optimization and off-page optimization etc.
These above are very essential for search engine optimization. So it’s important to have an idea of it.

An announcement
I’m going to tune in on the basics of the SEO above soon. The title is “SEO Tutorial”. The highlights will include all the information, tips, tricks and more on the tunes. In total, I hope that all new tunes will benefit from SEO’s content.


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