Take care of all the things you need before you buy domains and hosting!


We often have to create websites for personal or business needs. And the thing you must do to create a website is to buy domains and hosting. There are many hosting and domain provider companies in countries around the world, including Bangladesh, that give you domain and hosting services for an annual or monthly payment.

Not everyone in these domains and hosting providers will provide you with the same quality of services. Some of the hosting or domain was good, but the customer service was bad. And if someone’s customer service is good, it’s a bad thing. Again, some people’s hosting and customer service are all bad.

Domain and hosting are an important issue for your site. If you are not a reable domain seller, you may have problems buying and renewing your domain, and your website may have low loading speed or a low down if hosting is not good. So before you buy a domain or hosting, you need to take some of the issues into consideration.

What to take care of before buying domains:

1) Plan what kind of website you really want to do and what works first and think carefully about what domain names are good for.

It’s better to think in advance, because it doesn’t look good for domains. Since the domain name is your site name, select a nice name with time. This will help you with the SEO.

2) It is usually better to have a .com domain for personal or business websites. However, if you have networking or business of that type, you can take .net. If your company is a non-profit company, you can take .org.

If there is no special case, I will refer to .com. Because it is the most popular extension and people can easily remember it.

3) Try to keep the domain as small as possible. What to do is, your regular visitors can easily remember the url of your website. One thing I want to say about this, the beautiful website name is a good resource for any website.

There are many who see that when websites are sold for some reason, the value of the site increases significantly because of having a good domain name.

4) Try to take domain name unique so that it doesn’t get into the big brand. For example, hike.com domain name is very much in tune with the famous shoe manufacturer Nike, so the configuration can be created. If there is a chance, try to avoid such a problem.

Where to register domains is better:
1) There are many reable domain providers in Bangladesh now. It’s better to get domains from a good provider, because you’ll get better services than foreign companies.

That’s because customer service is available in Bangla, which I think is a big advance. No matter how much we know English, it is never possible in English as easily as we understand anything in Bengali.

Also, payments can be made through a local gateway, such as local banks, bKash etc. To get a domain from an outside company, you need to take credit or debit cards that many don’t have. Buying domains from Bangladeshi providers is a big advantage for them.

Many good providers are currently in Bangladesh, you can try them.

2) There is no foreign and Bangladeshi company’s reference to domains. Because foreign companies will register you from where you are ( Main Domain Provisioning Authority), Bangladeshi companies will register you from where you are.

The process of both is the same, so take it where it looks like a reable.

3) If you take a domain from the Bangladeshi provider, one must ask him a word first. Ask him if he’ll give you a full control panel on the domain? You must have this in full control of the domain. You won’t buy a domain from the provider unless you’re given a full control panel.

Yes, it’s true that there are many good providers in Bangladesh, but there are also lots of frods. Sometimes it seems that the person you buy the domain from doesn’t give you a full control panel. And the next year, when you need to renew your domain, she asked for more money from you.

You will have nothing to do with the control panel you don’t have and you have to pay more. So keep in mind.

4) Domains and hosting are related to each other. So it’s better to get domains from the provider you want to take from hosting. It will also provide you with domain and hosting services and will be able to control everything.

5) You will find plenty of time to buy on the greedy offer. To buy domains on such an offer, first get a clear idea of the offer.

The things you’ll buy for sure are:

Whether to give the domain’s flower control panel (you want to get flowers)
Whether the domain’s renewal charge is too high (don’t take it if you’re too old)
Whether the domain has been sold before (not to be sold)

6) A standard domain is usually priced at Tk. 800-1200. Standard is a normal domain, which is not exclusive. If you are offered under this price by standard domain, ask if there is any condition.

All things to consider before you buy hosting:
You must purchase hosting after you purchase the domain. Hosting stuff is more cruel. You can’t just live a website on the Internet with a domain, you must buy hosting.

Domain services are almost the same as all companies, and there is not much to judge. But hosting is a lot more than a matter of time. Most companies have different types of hosting and are of different quality. The service is more likely to be worth hosting, so you must consider the following before you buy hosting.

1) Budget: The thing that everyone has to do before a website is to have a budget, which includes a budget behind domain hosting. You will have a good budget behind hosting during this budget.

Because your website’s performance depends a lot on hosting. If your website is not performing well, your visitors will be down and you will have trouble getting the rank. So, you need to understand and have a good hosting, which is why it’s important to have a good budget.

First, remember what kind of site you’re going to do. You have to estimate the number of daily visitors to the site, then you have to fix the hosting budget depending on it.

After the budget is fixed, consider which companies will be serving in that budget. You will get the highest quality hosting provider in that budget.

2) Hosting Space: First you need to decide how much hard disk space you need to do your website, then purchase a hosty package or plan accordingly. The pages on your website are different documents that require hard disk space to store.

If you don’t have a download type website, 1 or 2 GB of space from 500 MB is an anaf for your site.

3) Bandwidth: Bandwidth will cost depending on the amount of data or documents that will be available on your website and the number of visitors visiting your site. When you visit a website, you don’t have an ambi? The same amount of ambi but also the cost of the website. That’s bandwidth.
This way, bandwidth will be spent on a website based on the cross-visitors and par page views. Think 1GB bandwidth will bring 1000 visitors to your site, meaning that the average cost of an average of 1 mb per visitor’s website is actually 1 mb.

Then you’ll need to take the website’s visitor-compliant bandwidth. You’ll get bandwidth as many visitors you have. You can get 10-100 GB bandwidth on your site initially. Unlimited and take if necessary.

Make sure your hosting company has the option to take more bandwidth later than necessary.

4) Hosting Uptime: One of the most important things about hosting is uptime. Your site will be live as per hosting uptime. Sometimes your web hosting provider company’s host computer may go offline. Your site will also be offline and no user will be able to access your site. You want this to happen, and it depends on how much time your web hosting provider is upto.

Most companies say their uptime is 99.9%, meaning that the probability of going offline is 0.01%. If the provider’s uptime is 99.9%, it’s considered good. You will choose hosting by looking at 99.9% or 100% uptime.

Many of the compani will tell you 99.9% uptime but you may not actually get it. So you have to check the hosting uptime before you buy hosting. You can talk to a user of the company and view the company’s US Policy page.

5) Money Back Guarantee: Money Back Guarantee is an important issue in the purchase of hosting. Sometimes it is seen that you are not liking hosting after purchase, so you will have a money back guarantee.

Many companies guarantee 30 days or more of money back. You’ll see it. Money back guarantee means the company has confidence in its own services. Usually money back guaranteecompanies provide good service, so choose a company like this.

6) Hosting company status: You should try to know the status of the company before you buy the hosting. Talk to their customer care. It is best to get a feedback from someone who uses their service all the time. Try to find out the location of their server from all users. Learn about uptime. Take a final decision on everything at once.

7) Support: Support is a key factor in hosting. Since hosting is a technical thing, you need to support them if you have any problems with your hosting. You’ll find out how long you’ll get support.

The website is something that needs to be online for 24 hours. So if you are late to get support in any trouble, your site will be offline and you will lose visitors.

If you take a few days to get support, you’ll lose millions of visitors to your site. And if you’re a reseller, it’s more of a problem. Your client will ask you the question but you will not have an answer.

So, of course, choose a hosting company that offers fast quality support.

I hope you don’t get cheated by buying domains and hosting stake in all the above. I hope you get good quality domains and hosting services and your website will be good.

If you have to rush to find a provider with all the features above, you can try the ingaweb.com service. ingaweb is one of the most reliable hosting companies in Bangladesh. I hope you don’t get discouraged. And if you don’t like it, you’re worth the moneyback!


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