Mushroom soup keeps the body warm


Mushrooms are available in the market all year round. Mushrooms are known to vegetarians as meat. It produces a lot of vitamin D in the light of ultraviolet rays. It helps to increase the body’s immune system and keeps the body fresh.

The whole year is still fresh in winter. What’s the secret? Shilpa says, “All the secrets are hidden in mushrooms. He also dealt with the cold by eating soup made with this vegetable. You don’t gain weight even if you eat it every day. Keep low-calorie mushroom soup on the food list to stay healthy this winter, as advised by the artist.

Why eat this mushroom soup
Mushrooms contain vitamin B and a lot of minerals. Which increases the immune system in the body. It also contains calcium, which strengthens bones. And mushrooms are a lot of iron. That is, if you eat this diet daily, you will be able to remove the blood pressure.

How to make mushroom soup
To make this soup, Shilpa was asked to choose four types of mushrooms – button mushrooms, Himeji mushrooms, Indian portobello mushrooms, and sitek mushrooms.

Heat a teaspoon of olive oil and equal butter in a bowl. Once hot, add 1 tablespoon garlic powder, half a teaspoon of onion. Add 200 grams of a button and emoji mushrooms. Stir and add the remaining two types of mushrooms. If you can’t get four kinds of mushrooms, you can also make the soup with the advice of the artist, even with the batum mushrooms.

If it is lightly fried, add 500 ml of water to a cube vegetable stock and boil it. To add flavor, cover with salt and pepper powder and cook on low heat. When it is well-cooked, take the hot heat off the stove.


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