Insurance and our society, need self-awareness


He listens to the chile, he is running behind the chile without touching his ears. Today, many people, including civil society, have such views about life insurance in our society. Despite the government’s visible campaign on insurance, our dedicated life insurance workers continue to face various obstacles including the sedition of the field. Insurance is not available, how many companies have run away, insurance means interest, insurance means unlawful etc. Still, the way of skilled insurance workers is not stopped. Because they are the pioneers of civilization. They know that the life dedicated to the welfare of others will come.

Let’s go about the negative attitude of people. In response to the question, if you say that some insurance company names, he can’t tell you the name of an insurance company. If you talk about two or four, you may see that the concerned company has shifted its branch to business interests or other business needs or expanded its branch. Otherwise, the companies that will be named are not insurance companies. They are non-approved funds or NGOs. All in all, they do not have the minimum knowledge of insurance, whether educated or uneducated, or who has a good attitude towards insurance.

I don’t want to discuss negative aspects. Because today’s civil society likes to talk about positive rather than negative. And at this time, the negative side is to push yourself into the dark world of the hundred years. Will you try to remove darkness with a century-old scorpion or hurricane in today’s advanced world? The answer is, of course, not. You’ll be leaning towards the low-cost electric LED lights. But why? The answer I say is that you are a conscious person. You understand the 16th of interest, so.

The insurance industry in Bangladesh is a highly viable sector. The importance of this sector is immense for the welfare of life, wealth and national welfare. The contribution of this sector to GDP in the developed world is significant. If we can achieve prosperity in this sector, Bangladesh can stand on the world map in the role model of development.

In the national welfare of the insurance industry, the People’s Republic of Bangladesh introduced the Insurance Act 2010 in 2010 and the Insurance Act, 2010, was passed by the Earlier British Insurance Act 1938 and the Insurance Development and Control Authority for the welfare and accountability of the industry. The industry has been implementing various developmental activities to enhance the credibility of the industry. Insurance fairs were organised in 2016 in the divisional city of Dhaka, in Sylhet in 2017, chittain in 2018 and last in Khulna in 2019 to raise public awareness. Not only that, but Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina declared March 1 st as National Insurance Day every year at the Cabinet meeting at her office on January 8, 2020. Which is certainly a decision of the government for national welfare.

The industry is currently run by the insurance branch of banks and financial institutions under the Ministry of Finance. As a result, 32 life insurance companies and 46 general insurance companies operating in the country are under direct control of the government, saving 100% of the interest on the consumer level in the industry.

Let us now look at some of the important guidelines directed by the Insurance Development and Control Authority on life insurance at the customer level. Most insurance companies are already providing customer services through their own websites to protect the best interests of the consumer in the insurance industry. This allows a customer to get all the information about insurance from the beginning of the insurance to the expiry of the insurance. Due to the 100% online service, the customer can withdraw money from any branch on a fast basis. Through EFT services, the customer can deposit his premium money on a fast basis from any bank account without any hassle. Premium money can be deposited at home by bKash or rocket. These significant acceptable steps in the insurance industry have led to the public’s over-accepting insurance, which has been a roused by the previous misconceptions of the consumer.

The latest is that every home in Bengal should have life insurance in the context of Bangladesh. Because in our society, if a family is a earning person, at least three are dependent on him. That is, the happiness and sorrow of the three people depends on the income of the only family. Man is dying. If the person who is not earning died in an accident, the fate of the remaining three members of the family is often untasked. If an organization has a standard insurance policy for the person who earns, the insurance risk will be reduced to a little bit of a bad outcome. Not in the world of interest.

So I’ll say, “Take life insurance as a means of saving, ensure financial security for yourself and your family.”


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